FoReco: Point Forecast Reconciliation


Daniele Girolimetto, Tommaso Di Fonzo


April 2022

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The FoReco (Forecast Reconciliation) package is designed for point forecast reconciliation, a post-forecasting process aimed to improve the accuracy of the base fore- casts for a system of linearly constrained (e.g. hierarchical/grouped) time series.
It offers classical (bottom-up and top-down), and modern (optimal and heuristic combination) forecast reconcilia- tion procedures for cross-sectional, temporal, and cross- temporal linearly constrained time series (Di Fonzo and Girolimetto, 2021)1.

  • 1 Di Fonzo, T. and Girolimetto, D. (2021). “Cross-temporal forecast reconciliation: Optimal combination method and heuristic alternatives”. International Journal of Forecasting. In press. issn: 0169-2070.